Anonymous asked:

This may sound stupid, but I'm on season 2 of Doctor Who, and I've taken quite a liking to Rose, and I ship her with the doctor. I saw she wasn't going to be appearing much after season 2. Is it still worth watching after that?

Oh god yes dear, please do continue. I was also a big fan of Rose and was extremely sad to see her leave, and I was afraid I wouldn’t like the other companions as much. But you know what? I did. I actually loved them as much as Rose, all for different reasons. They are all so amazing in their own unique way. Plus, you’ll miss out a lot about Rose if you don’t keep watching ;)

Doctor Who requests

I just rewatched the 50th anniversary episode with my friends and it made me in such a Doctor Who mood again and I am back at being an emotional mess over the soundtrack and I need to draw Doctor Who related stuff but I don’t quite have any idea at the moment. So if you have some suggestions, send them in!

Anonymous asked:

I know you're working on the Sailor Moon thing, but are you going to draw the Camelot knights? i'm kind of collecting everything you've done Merlin related.

I don’t like to make promises about stuff like that because I can’t predict what I will and will not draw in the future when it comes to drawing for fun D:  I believe I might draw them at some point because they were quite awesome characters, but I can’t be more precise than that. What I can say though is that I am absolutely not done drawing Merlin stuff. But if that’s something you really want for yourself, I am still doing commissions, and that’s the surest way to have a drawing. Otherwise it really just depends on my mood and time, I’m sorry :(